Creating Elegant Bathroom Cabinets Combined With A Personalized Touch
We manufacture custom-built vanities and cabinetry to improve functionality and add an aesthetically-pleasing element to your bathroom or other section of your home or commercial space. Any size or style, Franso Kitchen Design are industry-leading professionals that can construct whatever it is you have in mind.


Bathroom vanities are a significant part of remodelling or designing a bathroom space. It's where you keep all your favourite pampering goods and the section you most likely use when getting ready. At Franso Kitchen Design, we create quality-built vanities that compliment your needs and improve the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.


Organization is a fundamental element when planning and designing your interior space. That's where our custom cabinetry comes into play! We measure and assess the area we are working with to determine the best solution for your cabinetry needs. All colour schemes and styles are considered when implementing the appropriate design of your preferences.


The Process


We provide complimentary estimates during the consultation that goes in-depth about the entire process including design options and layout. Our contractors are trained to go through each step and guide you through to a seamless experience.


FKD provides 3D blueprints for a realistic visual of what the final product will look like inside your home. We manufacture and install the custom millwork by taking the appropriate measurements and apply it to the design agreed upon.


Voila! The final product is finished by the estimated date of completion and all details - big to small - are finalized by our head contractors. We check off all of the client's final requests and ensure that we don't leave until customer satisfaction is achieved.

"For Every Minute Spent Organizing, An Hour Is Earned".

- Benjamin Franklin



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