A Storage Solution That Represents Your Style
Misplacing clothing items or not having the appropriate shoe rack can create a hassle in your day-to-day life. We can design an organized closet layout that will make valuable use of the available space. FKD personalizes closets so that you can maximize and organize in any fashion.

Closet Organizer

Our custom-cut pieces are made to fit like a glove inside your closet space. We have a wide selection of options that can be made to suit your preferences while providing practical solutions to manage not only your clothes but also your shoes, accessories, and other valuable items. Regardless of the layout or size of your closet, we can construct the perfect, aesthetically pleasing storage to make life easier.

Why You Need Custom Closet Organizers

There are numerous reasons and benefits of having your closets professionally organized. It’s a valuable investment for your lifestyle and it can increase the value of your home. FKD ensures that every storage space is built with quality while offering a multitude of benefits for your personal belongings. For the more obvious reasons, closet organizers promote decluttering and enhance the overall efficiency of your space


The Process


We provide complimentary estimates during the consultation that goes in-depth about the entire process including design options and layout. Our contractors are trained to go through each step and guide you through to a seamless experience.


FKD provides 3D blueprints for a realistic visual of what the final product will look like inside your home. We manufacture and install the custom millwork by taking the appropriate measurements and apply it to the design agreed upon.


Voila! The final product is finished by the estimated date of completion and all details - big to small - are finalized by our head contractors. We check off all of the client's final requests and ensure that we don't leave until customer satisfaction is achieved.

“To wear a beautiful new garment is like wearing a new idea, and I see them as the same thing. Opening my closet is a form of meditation. I pick whatever I feel is right for the day”.

- Neri Oxman



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